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Randazzo (CT)
30 kg less with the Torna in forma programme

Name: Anna
Age: 40
Profession: Employee
Phenotype: Gynoid
Qualified centre: Studio erboristico Il Seme - Randazzo
Previous weight: 100.5 kg
Current weight: 71.7 kg
Course duration: 5 months
Previous size: 52
Size achieved: 46

Hi Anna, what problems did you have due to being overweight?
I was tired all the time, didn't feel comfortable with myself and had a lot of problems dressing.

What made you decide to go to a "Torna in forma" centre?
I no longer felt good about myself, I didn't recognise myself.

What features were you looking for in a slimming programme?
I was looking for a programme that was easy to follow, even for someone like me with a family, but at the same time effective!

Did you enjoy losing weight with the Torna in forma programme?
Yes, absolutely! I'm very pleased.

How has your life changed since following the Torna in Forma slimming programme?
It's changed dramatically! You can feel and see 30 kg less! Everyone compliments me when they meet me!

Would you recommend Torna in Forma to your friends and family?
Absolutely, I've already done it and they're getting great results too!