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San Cataldo (CL)
25 kg less with the Torna in forma programme

Name: Federica
Age: 29
Profession: Hairdresser
Phenotype: Ginoid
Qualified centre: Erboristeria Econatura – San Cataldo (CL)
Previous weight: 105 kg
Current weight: 80 kg
Course duration: 12 months
Previous size: 54
Size achieved: 48


What problems did you have due to being overweight?
Fatigue, heaviness and water retention.

What made you decide to go to a Torna in forma Centre?
It wasn't a miracle, but an awareness and the courage to change, and Maria Luisa was a great support.

Did you enjoy losing weight with the Torna in forma programme?
Ups and downs, my journey is not over yet. I have understood the difference between losing weight and slimming.

How has your life changed since following the Torna in forma programme?
Just look at my photos, I look good.

Would you recommend Torna in forma to your friends and family?
Yes, I would! I no longer have hunger pangs and I have learnt to eat healthily and above all to take care of my body. I'm happy to have started on this path and I must thank Maria Luisa for recommending it to me.