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Marigliano (NA)
12 kg less with the Torna in forma programme

Name: Pasquale
Age: 42
Profession: Worker
Phenotype: Android
Qualified centre: Parafarmacia Il Bimbo Marigliano
Previous weight: 101 kg
Current weight: 89 kg
Course duration: 4 months
Previous size: 52
Size achieved: 48


What problems did you have due to being overweight?
I was fatigued and couldn't work out easily.

What made you decide to go to the Torna in forma Centre?
Health reasons mainly.

What features were you looking for in a slimming programme?
A programme that would make me lose weight without too many sacrifices and sacrifices.

Was it a pleasure to lose weight with the Torna in forma programme?
Of course, and I recommend it to everyone.

How has your life changed since following the Torna in forma slimming programme?
For the better, I now feel more energised!

Would you recommend Torna in forma to your friends and family?
Yes, I've already got all my friends on board!