Science and nature for well-being

Herbalists, pharmacists, biologists and doctors working together to find natural remedies that are truly effective and safe for your health.

What is needed

has already been created by Nature.

Mediplant has been working in the field of phytotherapy and nutrition since 2005. The company, which combines traditional herbal remedies with modern scientific research, was founded in 2005 by Marco Tinghino, who has charted an innovative course in health, well-being and vitality.


Our aim has always been to find the best phytocomplexes, thanks to the work of our researchers who are active in the in-depth study of phytochemistry and pharmacology and in the discovery of new medicinal properties provided by the plant kingdom.


A health path based on the scientific method.

Everything goes around

scientific evidence.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of remedies, and recourse to cures using natural elements has always accompanied the path of mankind. We study and collect the rich and ancient traditions of phytotherapy and compare them with data provided by the international scientific community in order to ensure their validity, efficacy and safety for health.


This is why our research is based on the pyramid of evidence, with a preference for meta-analysis and placebo-controlled studies.


Because we believe in the solidity of the scientific method as an authoritative source of knowledge.

Our areas of intervention

Lifestyle and overweight

It has been proven that it is possible to live better and longer by adopting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy body weight. With the Torna in forma programme we provide nutritional advice in pharmacies, herbalist’s shops and parapharmacies by a specialist operator in a network with the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition.

Cardiovascular well-being

When present in excess in the blood, cholesterol and homocysteine can worsen the quality of life by promoting cardiovascular disease. Thus, cholesterol and homocysteine should always be kept under control and a healthy, balanced lifestyle should be followed. Mediplant meets these needs through the use of plant extracts validated by the international scientific community, which are present in our food supplements, and through targeted interventions on diet and daily habits.

Gastrointestinal disorders

They are often felt as a nightmare from which it seems impossible to escape. Those who suffer from them often rely on food intolerance tests rather than hard-to-maintain dietary restrictions, methods which often result in yet another failure. Mediplant responds to these needs with specialist advice based on scientific evidence and the use of plant-based active ingredients extracted using cutting-edge methods with proven efficacy.

Stress and mood

Responding to and quickly recognizing declines in mood, excessive worry, stress-related disorders and hectic lifestyles is often a difficult process. We have formulated innovative phytotherapeutic supplements to support mood, combat stress and physical and mental fatigue.

Menopausal discomfort

The disorders are mainly due to the decrease in oestrogen production, and it is during the menopause that the risk of cardiovascular and osteoarticular diseases increases. Mediplant responds with the best natural food supplements to reduce and improve the impact of symptoms on quality of life.


The most annoying symptoms associated with heavy legs are pain, itching, thinning of the epidermis, swelling, skin changes and visible capillaries. It is necessary to intervene promptly in order to restore normal venous circulation. Mediplant offers a range of natural products with a very high concentration of Centella asiatica and other specific active plant ingredients to improve venous circulation.

Prostate and urinary tract

From the age of 40 onwards, the prostate may become enlarged, which can lead to urinary disorders such as frequent or painful urination, difficulty in urinating, etc. Responding promptly, with new and effective solutions, to the main disorders affecting the urinary system can reduce discomfort and facilitate a return to a normal lifestyle. Mediplant intervenes with high quality products with proven efficacy, extracted with innovative patented methods.

Nervous hunger

The brain determines the feeling of satiety, but only after 20 minutes from the start of the meal. This is too long, so action must be taken at an early stage of hunger. Mediplant responds with a solution found in nature with the help of plant extracts with proven efficacy, capable of acting on the control of the sense of hunger and restoring normal mood, promoting the sense of satiety.

Mediplant in numbers







Department of Dietetics and Nutrition

Dr Chiara Fiorino
Dietitian, Nutritionist Biologist and Head of Department

Degree in Dietetics, Faculty of Medicine.
Degree in Human Nutrition Sciences.
Coaching Course - Strategic Orientation.

Dr Rosanna Micalizzi
Nutritionist Biologist. Research and development manager

Degree in Biological Sciences.
Master's Degree in Applied Biology and Nutrition Sciences.
Master in Dietetics and Nutrition.
Master in Nutraceuticals, Phytotherapics and Food Supplements.

Dr Valentina Bruno

Degree in Dietetics, Faculty of Medicine.

Dr Sonia Dattolo

Bachelor's degree in Dietetics, Faculty of Medicine.
Degree in Human Nutrition Sciences.
Master in Molecular Nutrition.
Advanced course in phytotherapy.

Dr Martina Di Caterina
Nutritionist biologist

Degree in Food Science and Technology.
Master's Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition.
Postgraduate training in Human Nutrition.
Master in Eating Disorders.

Dott.ssa Mimma Zimarra
Nutritionist Biologist

Bachelor's degree in General and Applied Biology.
Master's Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition.