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Discover your IDEAL WEIGHT and your PHENOTYPE

The right programme for you!


Torna in Forma is the slimming programme that allows you to lose weight in an easy, definitive and natural way.

It includes a personalised diet plan drawn up for you by a specialist from Mediplant Dietetics and Nutrition Department, based on your phenotype and needs, phytotherapeutic supplements to go with your diet and the constant support of a nutritionist who will help you reach your weight loss target. 

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5 good reasons to choose Torna in Forma


Mediplant Torna in Forma provides a diet tailored to your needs, allergies and intolerances.


Torna in forma food supplements are 100% natural and scientifically tested.


The diet programme is based on the Mediterranean diet, which is balanced, healthy and tasty.


92% of those treated achieved their goal without regaining the Kg with interest.


Good weight loss involves proper timing and not flash weight loss in order to maintain a steady weight loss.

Officinal herbs

Nutritional intervention is combined with specific top-quality herbal preparations that act on the main factors of weight loss, such as metabolism, sense of satiety, liver purification, intestinal microbiota, drainage of body fluids and phenotype.

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