Torna in forma, medicinal herbs and nutrition

Mediplant Torna in forma is a complete, easy and safe slimming programme based on the scientific method, which combines a controlled Mediterranean-style diet with the support of phenotype-specific medicinal herbs.

Torna in forma team of operators works in conjunction with the Mediplant Dietetics and Nutrition Department, a scientific body that deals with research and assistance and is made up of highly qualified dieticians, nutritional biologists and pharmacists, who work every day to provide effective answers for the well-being of all those who come to Torna in Forma centres.

Torna in forma is not just a slimming programme, but a real revolution!

Thanks to the adoption of a correct lifestyle, a healthy and tasty diet, easy to follow and the support of scientifically tested active vegetable ingredients, losing weight will not be a sacrifice, but a wonderful experience of change and self-discovery.

Thanks to emotional support and the help of medicinal herbs, regaining your figure is simple, natural and definitive.
92% of those treated achieved their goal and continue to maintain it years later.


Healthy weight loss in small steps

What is the difference between slimming and losing weight?

Losing weight is easy, as long as you undergo a drastic, rapid and highly low-calorie diet. The result?

You lose muscle tone, you waste away, you experience the famous yo-yo effect, a continuous up and down of weight with a slowdown in metabolism. This is followed by an increasing difficulty in losing weight and a predisposition to regain lost kilos with interest.

Slimming means reducing fat mass and stimulating lean mass, a slower but steady process.

Haste is the first enemy of healthy weight loss.

Lasting weight loss in small steps



During the first meeting, the weight target is defined, a time frame is established and the diet plan for the following days is handed over.

Step 2


The purification phase predisposes the body to weight loss.


Natural ingredients for liver wellbeing and mood, with milk enzymes for intestinal function.

Step 3

Energy and Power

In this phase localised fat will be attacked, which means fewer centimetres!
This step is formulated specifically for the phenotype!


Herbal active ingredients will help the body speed up the results of the diet by targeting localised fat.

Step 4

Metabolik Energy and Metabolik Power

In this phase, the diet includes a nutrient balance to give the metabolism a boost.


Active plant ingredients support the functioning of the macronutrient metabolism, so you burn more and better.

Step 5


At this stage, the results will be even more noticeable.


In combination with the diet plan, herbal supplements in this phase aim to combat tissue inflammation and cellular oxidation.

Where can the Torna in forma programme be followed?

In all the qualified centres in Italy: pharmacies, parapharmacies
and specialised herbalist's shops that have joined the wellness project.
Find the centre closest to you!

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