Interview with Erboristeria Il Melograno

05 September 2019
Mediplant team
Edited by Mediplant team

How many extraordinary stories lie behind the Torna in forma project. We met Giorgia De Vietro, head of the Torna in forma project at Erboristeria Il Melograno in Palo del Colle in the province of Bari, and asked her to tell us the secret of her success with Mediplant Torna in forma.

D. How many new friends have you made thanks to Torna in forma and how do many of them continue to rely on your expertise? Tell us the secret of your success.

R. Thanks to the Torna in forma programme, I have met many new people with whom I have built up a relationship of trust and confidence from the very beginning. For many of them I am now a point of reference.

D. Why did you choose Torna in forma for your herbalist shop?

R. Unlike other companies, this programme struck me immediately because it did not offer meal replacements, but rather a correction of lifestyle and eating habits.

D. What is your Mediplant product that you just can't live without?

R. I The product that should never be missing from the shelf is Detox Slim Giorno e Notte.

D. What gives you most satisfaction with the Torna in format project?

R. The greatest satisfaction is to see the change in attitude of some clients who initially approached us with scepticism and who, after the first check-up, found a smile and the determination to continue.

D. Do you also follow or have you followed the Torna in forma programme by trying out recipes and supplements?

R. I followed the programme to get back into shape after stopping swimming for two years, but my partner lost 10 kg thanks to the programme and has not regained it thanks to sport and the diet he acquired.

D. How many customers have relied on your expertise and remained loyal to you?

R. The majority of customers have relied on my expertise and cannot do without my advice and suggestions.

D. I can tell you have a lot of passion for the Torna in forma programme, how do you pass this on to your customers?

R. I'm a great believer in the programme because I've seen some really amazing changes, so I try to stimulate and encourage the customers by congratulating them on their achievements, because the first victory is in the head and that's the only way to reach the final goal.

D. Is it easy to achieve the goal with Torna in forma?

R. It's quite easy to achieve the goal, all you need is perseverance and determination, and then with maintenance you can keep the weight on afterwards, and so far, none of the customers have regained the weight they lost.

D. How does Torna in forma help to achieve a state of well-being?

R. The state of well-being is a general improvement in health condition, but also in self-esteem and is already noticeable after the first checks in overweight clients and after 10 - 15 kg in obese clients.

D. What techniques do you use to motivate your customers?

R. Simply by reading and commenting on the report with them at the end of each check-up and assessing the percentage loss of fat mass and centimetres.

D. What do you think are the main obstacles to losing weight?

R. At the root of it all is a bad diet with too much fatty food, most people eat without awareness, the absence of sporting activity and lack of self-control make the condition worse.

D. What is the goal to be achieved together with Torna in forma in the next 5 years?

R. I hope to continue working as I have done in this extraordinary year, thanks also to the support of the Torna in forma team and the nutritionists who will work alongside me, improving and increasing my knowledge of the programme, so as to retain more and more customers and to demonstrate my professionalism even to those who go elsewhere for lack of confidence, underestimating the potential of our shop.

Erboristeria Il Melograno
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 75, 70027 Palo del Colle BA
tel. +39 366 345 0389